NFT With Owner Model

The NFT Model represents a single NFT with included ownership data (i.e. the owner account and owner's balance). The NFT Model follows the following structure:

contract_addressContract address of the NFT's collection.string
token_idThe token ID of the NFT.string
nameThe NFT's name.string
descriptionThe NFT's description.string
minted_timestampThe NFT's mint timestamp (in ISO-8601 format).date-time
supplyThe NFT's supply (zero if NFT has been burned).integer
image_urlThe NFT's image URL in the Transpose CDN.string
media_urlThe NFT's additional media URL in the Transpose CDN.string
external_urlThe NFT's website URL.string
propertiesThe NFT's properties (also referred to as attributes or traits).object
metadata_urlThe NFT's metadata URL in the Transpose CDN.string
ownerThe address of the owner.string
balanceThe owner's balance for the NFT.integer