Welcome to the Transpose REST API Suite

Our REST API suite grants you the industry’s most comprehensive view of key cross-chain blockchain data primitives: complete account, block, transaction, token, NFT, and ENS data. Retrieve billions of rows of data at low cost using over 50 different endpoints and over 100 flexible query parameters.

Among many additional possibilities, use the API suite to retrieve every NFT purchase by a specific ENS name, track token transfers into a protocol, record mints for a collection between two dates, and aggregate mining rewards or gas fees.

Supported Chains

For endpoints that support multiple chains, pass either the ChainID or chain name as a parameter.

  • Ethereum mainnet - ethereum
  • Polygon - polygon

Getting Started

The Transpose Open Alpha features four incredibly powerful APIs. To get started with building on the Transpose API suite, read through the Getting Started section and subsections.

The suite currently includes the following APIs:

  1. Block API: Retrieve accounts, blocks, transactions, and logs in bulk.
  2. NFT API: Query any collection, NFT, owner, mint, transfer, burn, and sale.
  3. Token API: Lookup any token, transfer, balance, DEX swap, and liquidity event, including support for ETH transfers and balances.
  4. ENS API: Search for and resolve any ENS record using name, account, expiration, and more.

24/7 Community Support

Join our Discord to ask technical questions, share what you're building, chat with others in the community, suggest new features, request higher rate limits, and much more. Here's the link!