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Token Prices

The arbitrum.token_prices table provides indexed views for cleaned token prices in USD at every point in time when a token was seen in a DEX swap. For tokens that are swapped multiple times in a single block, a per-block VWAP is taken to determine the fair price.


Name Description Type
block_number The block number at which the DEX swap occurred for pricing the token. integer
timestamp The timestamp of the DEX swap (in ISO-8601 format). timestamp
token_address The address of the token that is priced in USD. text
token_symbol The symbol of the token that is priced in USD. text
price The price of the token at the time of the swap in USD. decimal
__confirmed Flag indicating whether the block number the token was priced in has been confirmed. boolean


The following indexes are available for this table:

(token_address, timestamp)

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