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NFT Transfers

The nft_transfers table provides indexed views of all transfers (mints, sends, and burns) for NFTs. Supported chains: ethereum, polygon, goerli.

Name Description Type
contract_address Contract address of the NFT's collection. text
token_id The token ID of the NFT. numeric
timestamp The timestamp of the transfer (in ISO-8601 format). timestamp
block_number The block number at which the transfer occurred. integer
transaction_hash The transaction hash at which the transfer occurred. text
log_index The log index at which the transfer occurred. integer
category The category of the NFT transfer (one of mint, send, burn). text
operator_address The address of the operator that performed the transfer (only for ERC-1155 NFTs). text
from_address The address of the sender. text
to_address The address of the receiver. text
quantity The quantity of the NFT transferred. numeric
activity_id A unique, sequential identifier for the transfer event. numeric
__confirmed Flag indicating whether the transfer has been confirmed (2 Beacon Chain epochs have passed). boolean


The following indexes are available for this table:

(__confirmed) WHERE __confirmed = false
(timestamp, activity_id)
(from_address, timestamp, activity_id)
(to_address, timestamp, activity_id)
(contract_address, timestamp, activity_id)
(contract_address, token_id, timestamp, activity_id)

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