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ENS Names

The ens_names table provides indexed views of all ENS names on a specific chain, with continuous background refreshing of ENS data and ownership.


Name Description Type
ens_name The ENS name. text
ens_node The unique ENS nodehash which points to the ENS name. text
contract_address The contract address of the ENS collection. text
token_id The token ID of the ENS name. numeric
owner_address The address of the ENS name owner. text
resolver_address The address of the resolver contract for the ENS name. text
resolved_address The address that the ENS name resolves to. text
expiration_timestamp The timestamp at which this ENS registration will expire (in ISO-8601 format). timestamp
registration_timestamp The timestamp at which this ENS name was registered (in ISO-8601 format). timestamp
last_refreshed The timestamp at which the ENS record was last refreshed by the Transpose backend (in ISO-8601 format). timestamp


The following indexes are available for this table:

(ens_node, ens_name)
(owner_address, ens_name)
(resolved_address, ens_name)
(token_id, ens_name)
(expiration_timestamp, ens_name)
(registration_timestamp, ens_name)
(last_refreshed, ens_name)

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