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Lending Events

The lending_events table provides indexed views for lending events based on 5 categories: deposit, borrow, repay, withdraw, and liquidation.

Supported Lending Protocols

aave abracadabra compound cream curve
euler ironbank makerdao strike blur
bend liquity


Name Description Type
category The category of the lending event (deposit, withdraw, borrow, repay and liquidate). text
metadata The metadata of the lending event. jsonb
quantity The quantity of the token in the event (i.e. borrow events -> quantity borrowed, liquidation events -> collateral quantity liquidated). numeric
token_id The NFT token id if the token_address in the lending event is an NFT. bigint
log_index The log index of the lending event. integer
timestamp The timestamp of the lending event. timestamp
block_number The block number of the lending event. integer
protocol_name The name of the protocol that facilitated the lending event. text
token_address The address of the token used in the lending event. text
market_address The address of the lending market contract. text
sender_address The address that sent the transaction. text
account_address The address that owns the lending position. text
contract_version The version of the protocol market address. text
transaction_hash The transaction hash of the lending event. text
liquidator_address The address that liquidates the loan if the event is a liquidation. text
quantity_liquidated The quantity of the borrowed token repaid in a liquidation event. numeric
liquidated_token_address he borrowed token address that was repaid in a liquidation event. text


The following indexes are available for this table:

(protocol_name, contract_version, timestamp, log_index)
(market_address, token_address, block_number, log_index)
(__indexer_id, __block_number)
(__indexer_id WHERE __confirmed = false)
(transaction_hash, log_index)
(timestamp, log_index)
(market_address, token_address, timestamp, log_index)
(account_address, market_address, token_address, timestamp, log_index)
(protocol_name, timestamp, log_index)

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