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Lending Markets

The lending_markets table provides indexed views for all lending markets available.

Supported Lending Protocols

aave abracadabra compound cream curve
euler ironbank makerdao strike blur
bend liquity


Name Description Type
ltv The loan-to-value ratio for the market (null if not a static value, e.g. crvUSD LLAMMA). numeric
metadata The metadata for the market. jsonb
is_active Whether the market is active or not. boolean
protocol_name The name of the protocol the market address belongs to. text
market_address The address that holds the liquidity for the market. text
creator_address The creator of the market. text
contract_version The version of the protocol market address. text
created_timestamp The timestamp the market address was created at. timestamp
comptroller_address The address of the protocol's comptroller (similar to a factory/config address). text
borrow_token_address The address of the token to borrow from the market, may be the same as the deposit token for some protocols (e.g. Aave). text
created_block_number The block number the market address was created at. integer
price_oracle_address The price oracle for the market's token_address. text
deposit_token_address The address of the token to deposit into the market. text
liquidation_threshold The liquidation threshold for the market (null if not a static value, e.g. crvUSD LLAMMA). numeric


The following indexes are available for this table:

(created_block_number, market_address)
(created_timestamp, market_address)
(protocol_name, contract_version, created_block_number)
(__indexer_id, __block_number)
(deposit_token_address, market_address)
(__indexer_id WHERE __confirmed = false)
(protocol_name, contract_version, created_timestamp)
(protocol_name, created_timestamp)
(protocol_name, created_block_number)
(comptroller_address, created_timestamp, market_address)

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