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Tornado Cash Withdrawals

The tornado_cash_withdrawals table provides indexed views of all withdraws from Tornado Cash mixer pools on a specific chain, including any forks of Tornado Cash.


Name Description Type
block_number The block number at which the withdrawal transaction occurred. integer
log_index The log index at which the withdrawal event occurred. integer
transaction_hash The transaction hash at which the withdrawal event occurred. text
timestamp The timestamp of the withdrawal event (in ISO-8601 format). timestamp
mixer_name The name of the pool, the symbol of the pool token, and the allowed size of the deposit token. Includes whether the pool is an actual Tornado Cash pool, or a Tornado Cash fork. text
fork_number If the pool was not deployed by Tornado Cash Devs or other labelled fork deployers, then this indicates a Tornado Cash fork deployed by a unique dev, incrementing upwards when a new deployer address is seen. integer
contract_address The contract address of the Tornado Pool. text
token_address The token address withdrawn from the Tornado Pool. If none, the token is native ETH. text
quantity The raw amount of the token withdrawn. numeric
to_address The address that withdrew the token amount. text
origin_address The address that initiated the withdrawal transaction (the from address in the transaction). text
__confirmed Flag indicating whether the transfer has been confirmed. boolean


The following indexes are available for this table:

(timestamp, log_index)
(contract_address, block_number, log_index)
(contract_address, timestamp, log_index)
(to_address, block_number, log_index)
(to_address, timestamp, log_index)
(token_address, timestamp, log_index)
(transaction_hash, log_index)

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