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DEX Pools

The dex_pools table provides indexed views of all DEX pools created for a specified chain. All DEX pools tables follows the same database schema presented below.

Supported DEXs

1inch balancer bancor curve dodoswap
fraxswap kyber saddle shibaswap sushiswap
synapse uniswap
apeswap balancer curve dfyn dodoswap
fraxswap kyber meshswap mmfinance quickswap
sushiswap uniswap


Name Description Type
created_block_number The block number at which the DEX pool was created. integer
created_timestamp The timestamp at which the DEX pool was created. integer
exchange_name The name of the exchange that the DEX pool belongs to. text
contract_version The version of the exchange contract that the DEX pool belongs to (e.g. v1 or v2 for Balancer). text
contract_address The contract address of the DEX pool. text
token_addresses A list of token addresses that the pool contains (can include NFT contract addresses for SudoSwap pools). text[]
creator_address The address that initiated the pool creation transaction. text
factory_address The address of the factory that created the pool. text
metadata Additional protocol-specific metadata for the pool. json


The following indexes are available for this table:

(created_timestamp, contract_address)
(factory_address, created_timestamp, contract_address)
(creator_address, created_timestamp, contract_address)
(exchange_name, contract_version, created_timestamp, contract_address)
(exchange_name, created_timestamp, contract_address)
GIN (token_addresses)
(exchange_name, contract_version, created_block_number)

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