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Aggregate DEX Swaps

The dex_swaps table provides indexed views of all DEX swaps transacted for a specified chain. All DEX swaps tables follows the same database schema presented below. Supported chains: ethereum, polygon.

Supported DEX

At the time of writing, we support:

Ethereum DEX
0x 1inch afro-dex airswap atomic-blue
az-exchange balancer bancor bean-dex bebop
bitcratic bitox-io cityswap coin-change-ex cowswap
cryptlo curve ddex decentrex defi-swap
dex-blue dodoswap e-dex elasticswap enclaves
etherdelta etherdelta-fork ether-next ethmall ex-toke
fraxswap kyber market-place miniswap n-dex-market
oasis polaris-dex saddle-finance sakeswap sashimiswap
seed_dex shibaswap singular-x smoothyswap sushiswap
synapse tokenstore tokenstore_fork tradex-one unicly
uniswap unitrade Zeedex
Polygon DEX
acy apeswap balancer bebop boltr
cafewap cometh curve dfyn dodoswap
elkswap fraxswap gravis gravity honeyswap
idex jetswap kakidex kryptodex kyber
magician meshswap mm-finance oboswap pearzap
polycat quickswap radioshack stableworld sushiswap
tetuswap unifi uniswap vulcanswap wault-finance


Name Description Type
block_number The block number at which the DEX swap occurred. integer
log_index The log index at which the DEX swap occurred. integer
transaction_hash The transaction hash at which the DEX swap occurred. text
timestamp The timestamp of the DEX swap (in ISO-8601 format). timestamp
exchange_name The name of the exchange that hosted the DEX swap. text
contract_version The version of the exchange contract that hosted the DEX swap (e.g. v1 or v2 for Balancer). text
contract_address The contract address of the pool that performed the DEX swap. text
from_token_address The address of the token that was swapped in. text
quantity_in The amount of the token that was swapped in. numeric
to_token_address The address of the token that was swapped out. text
quantity_out The amount of the token that was swapped out. numeric
effective_price The price of the to-token denominated by the from-token (i.e. quantity_out / quantity_in). numeric
sender_address The address that performed the swap. text
origin_address The address that submitted the transaction that contained the swap. text
__confirmed Flag indicating whether the transfer has been confirmed (2 Beacon Chain epochs have passed). boolean


The following indexes are available for this table:

(timestamp, log_index)
(from_token_address, timestamp, log_index)
(to_token_address, timestamp, log_index)
(from_token_address, to_token_address, timestamp, log_index)
(origin_address, timestamp, log_index)
(sender_address, timestamp, log_index)
(transaction_hash, log_index)
(contract_address, timestamp, log_index)

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