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Dex Pools

The arbitrum.dex_pools table provides indexed views of all DEX pools created for the chain. All DEX pools tables follows the same database schema presented below.


Name Type Description
contract_address text The contract address of the DEX pool.
contract_version text The version of the exchange contract that the DEX pool belongs to (e.g. v1 or v2).
created_block_number integer The block number at which the DEX pool was created.
created_timestamp timestamp without time zone The timestamp at which the DEX pool was created.
creator_address text The address that initiated the pool creation transaction.
exchange_name text The name of the exchange that the DEX pool belongs to.
factory_address text The address of the factory that created the pool.
is_active boolean Whether the pool is active or not.
last_active_timestamp timestamp The timestamp at which the pool was last active.
metadata json Additional protocol-specific metadata for the pool.
token_addresses ARRAY A list of token addresses that the pool contains (can include NFT contract addresses for SudoSwap pools).
__block_number integer An internal identifier for the indexer that updates this row. Use block_number instead when querying.
__confirmed boolean Flag indicating whether the transfer has been confirmed.

Supported Protocols

3xcalibur-v1 arbether-v3 arbiswap-v1 arbswap-v1
balancer-v2 camelot-v1 curve-metapool curve-v1
curve-v2 dodoswap-private dodoswap-stable dodoswap-v1
dodoswap-v2 elkswap-v1 gumball-v1 hop-v1
kyber-v3 magicswap-v1 owlswap-v3 raidswap-v3
solidlizard-v1 solidly-v1-forks summaswap-v3 sushiswap-v1
swapfish-v1 swapr-v1 synapse-v1 traderjoe-v2
uniswap-v2-forks uniswap-v3 uniswap-v3-forks zyberswap-v1


__indexer_id, __block_number
__indexer_id WHERE __confirmed = false
created_timestamp, contract_address
factory_address, created_timestamp, contract_address
creator_address, created_timestamp, contract_address
exchange_name, created_timestamp, contract_address
exchange_name, created_block_number, contract_address
exchange_name, contract_version, created_block_number
exchange_name, contract_version, created_timestamp

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