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Playground and Atlas

The Playground and Atlas are environments built for exploring, testing, and organizing queries against the entirety of Transpose data. The Playground is a browser-based development tool to help refine your SQL queries that will be integrated into your application. The Atlas is a crowd-sourced query repository that users can explore and contribute to.

The Playground

Write and execute SQL queries in our browser-based development tool.

The Atlas

Explore and contribute to queries created by the Transpose community.

Playground to production code

Users typically use the Playground to write and test SQL queries before intregration. When you're ready to call your SQL query from your application, simply click the "view code" button, select the right environment and you can copy it right in! Note that your API key will also be copied.

Publishing to the Atlas

There are two options for saving queries:

  1. Save privately: available just to you, visible in your query browser bar in the playground.

  2. Publish to Atlas: visible to everyone in the Atlas, also visible to you under published queries in the playground.

Parameterized queries

The Playground supports paramaterized SQL queries. For example: SELECT * FROM ethereum.nfts WHERE contract_address = '{{ contract_address }}' LIMIT 10; When using parameters, an input field will appear in the Playground below the query editor.

Using the query planner

The Analyze button returns the results of the query planner for the query in your editor. You can use this to check whether your queries are running against indexes, and to gain some insight into how you can optimize your SQL queries. To see what indexes exist on each table, check out the SQL models to the left.

Downloading data in the browser

You can download the results of a query directly from the playground using the download button.

Got questions? Join our Discord

Discord is the primary home of the Transpose developer community. Join us to ask questions, share your work, and get help.