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The polygon.blocks table provides indexed views of all blocks.


Name Type Description
base_fee_per_gas numeric The base fee to include a transaction in the block (in Wei per gas unit).
block_hash text The hash of all the block's contents.
block_number integer The block's number
block_reward numeric The amount rewarded to the miner/validator of the block (in Wei).
difficulty numeric The block's mining difficulty.
gas_limit numeric The maximum amount of gas that can be used in the block (in gas units).
gas_used numeric The amount of gas used in the block (in gas units).
parent_hash text The hash of the block's parent block.
size_bytes numeric The block's size (in bytes).
timestamp timestamp The block's timestamp (in ISO-8601 format).
total_difficulty numeric Total difficulty of all blocks up until the block.
total_fees_burned numeric The amount of transaction fees burned in the block (see EIP-1559) (in Wei).
total_fees_rewarded numeric The amount of transaction fees rewarded to the miner of the block (in Wei).
total_fees_saved numeric The amount of transaction fees saved by transactions in the block (in Wei).
transaction_count integer The number of transactions in the block.
validator_address text The address of the validator of the block.
__confirmed boolean Flag indicating whether the block has been confirmed.


__confirmed WHERE __confirmed = false
validator_address, block_number
validator_address, timestamp

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