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Dex Swaps

The ethereum.dex_swaps table provides indexed views of all DEX swaps transacted for the chain. All DEX swaps tables follows the same database schema presented below.


Name Type Description
aggregator_name text The name of the DEX aggregator that facilitated the DEX swap (null if not found).
block_number integer The block number at which the DEX swap occurred.
contract_address text The contract address of the pool that facilitated the DEX swap.
contract_version text The version of the exchange contract (e.g. v1 or v2).
effective_price numeric The price of the to-token denominated by the from-token (i.e. quantity_out / quantity_in).
exchange_name text The name of the exchange that facilitated the DEX swap.
from_token_address text The address of the token that was swapped in.
log_index integer The log index at which the DEX swap occurred.
origin_address text The address that submitted the transaction that contained the swap.
quantity_in numeric The amount of the token that was swapped in.
quantity_out numeric The amount of the token that was swapped out.
sender_address text The address that sent the tokens to the pool in the swap.
timestamp timestamp without time zone The timestamp at which the DEX swap occurred.
to_token_address text The address of the token that was swapped out.
transaction_hash text The transaction hash at which the DEX swap occurred.
__block_number integer The block number at which the event took place in.
__confirmed boolean Flag indicating whether the transfer has been confirmed.
__last_modified timestamp The date at which this row was last updated (in ISO-8601 format).

Supported Protocols

03-swap-v1 03-swap-v10 03-swap-v11 03-swap-v12
03-swap-v13 03-swap-v14 03-swap-v15 03-swap-v16
03-swap-v17 03-swap-v18 03-swap-v19 03-swap-v2
03-swap-v20 03-swap-v3 03-swap-v4 03-swap-v5
03-swap-v6 03-swap-v7 03-swap-v8 03-swap-v9
0x-v1 0x-v2 0x-v3 1inch-v1
1inch-v10 1inch-v11 1inch-v12 1inch-v2
1inch-v3 1inch-v4 1inch-v5 1inch-v6
1inch-v7 1inch-v8 1inch-v9 afro-dex-v1
airswap-legacy airswap-v1 airswap-v2 airswap-v3
ambient-v1 apeswap-v2 atomic-blue-v1 atomic-blue-v2
az-exchange-v1 balancer-v1 balancer-v1-forks balancer-v2
bananagun-v1 bancor-v1 bancor-v2 bean-dex-v1
bebop-v1 bitcratic-v1 bitcratic-v2 bitox-io-v1
bzx-v1 cityswap-v1 clipper-v1 coin-change-ex-v1
coinbase-v1 collection-v1 collection-v2 cowswap-v1
cowswap-v2 cowswap-v3 cryptlo-v2 curve-lending
curve-metapool curve-tricrypto curve-v1 curve-v2
ddex-hybrid ddex-hydro decentrex-v1 decentrex-v2
decentrex-v3 defi-swap-v1 dex-ag-v1 dex-ag-v2
dex-ag-v3 dex-ag-v4 dex-blue-v1 dfx-v1
dfx-v2 dodo-v1 dodo-v2 dodoswap-private
dodoswap-stable dodoswap-v1 dodoswap-v2 dutchx-v1
e-dex-v1 elasticswap-v1 enclaves-v1 ether-next-v1
etherdelta-1-forks etherdelta-v1 etherdelta-v2 etherdelta-v3
etherdelta-v4 etherdelta-v5 ethmall-v1 ex-toke-v1
firebird-v1 fraxswap-v1 fraxswap-v2 genieswap-v1
genieswap-v2 genieswap-v3 hashflow-v1 hashflow-v2
hashflow-v3 kyber-elastic kyber-v1 kyber-v2
kyber-v3 makerdao-psm market-place-v1 maverick-v1
miniswap-v1 mistx-v1 mstable-v1 n-dex-market-v1
oasis-v1 odos-v1 open-ocean-v1 open-ocean-v2
pancakeswap-mm pancakeswap-v2 pancakeswap-v3 paraswap-v1
paraswap-v2 paraswap-v3 paraswap-v4 paraswap-v5
paraswap-v6 paraswap-v7 pendle-v2 polaris-dex-v1
saddle-finance-metapool saddle-finance-stableswap sakeswap-v1 sashimiswap-v1
seed_dex-v1 seed_dex-v2 shibaswap-v2 singular-x-v1
smardex-v1 smoothyswap-v1 solidly-v1 solidly-v1-forks
sudoswap-v1 sudoswap-v2 sushiswap-v1 sushiswap-v3
swaap-v1 synapse-v1 synthetix-v1 tokenlon-v1
tokenlon-v2 tokenlon-v3 tokenlon-v4 tokenlon-v5
tokenstore-v1 tokenstore-v1-forks traderjoe-v2 tradex-one-v1
unibot-v1 unicly-v1 uniswap-v1 uniswap-v2
uniswap-v2-forks uniswap-v3 uniswap-v3-forks uniswap-x
unitrade-v1 unsheth-v2 vanilla-v1 xy-finance-v1
zeedex-v1 zeedex-v2 zerion-v1 zerion-v2
zkswap-v1 zkswap-v2


exchange_name, timestamp, log_index
exchange_name, from_token_address, timestamp, log_index
__indexer_id, __block_number
__indexer_id WHERE __confirmed = false
exchange_name, contract_version, timestamp, log_index
contract_address, timestamp, log_index
aggregator_name, timestamp, log_index
transaction_hash, log_index
to_token_address, timestamp, log_index
timestamp, log_index
sender_address, timestamp, log_index
origin_address, timestamp, log_index
from_token_address, to_token_address, timestamp, log_index
from_token_address, timestamp, log_index
exchange_name, to_token_address, timestamp, log_index
block_number, log_index

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