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Get Traces by Transaction

This endpoint returns all Traces that occurred within a given transaction (supports pagination). Supported chains: ethereum, scroll, arbitrum, base.


Parameter Description Type
chain_id A keyword (i.e. "ethereum") or CAIP-2 identifier specifying the blockchain to query. string
transcation_hash The transaction hash of the emitting contract to filter results by. string
include_failed Boolean to include failed traces in the response or not. (This is an Ethereum-only param. Your chain_id param must be ethereum or 1. Defaults to false.) boolean
order The order in which to retrieve the results (either asc or desc). string
limit The maximum number of results to retrieve (default 100). string

curl -X GET \
    '' \
    -H 'X-API-KEY: BtRVYj7dgnYUcr1gSSfWhmrTShIb8RBG' \

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