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The bitcoin.outputs table provides indexed views of all transaction outputs.


Name Type Description
address text The address associated with the output.
block_number integer The block number the output was included in.
index integer The index of the output.
script_pub_key_asm text The script public key in ASM format.
script_pub_key_desc text The script public key descriptor.
script_pub_key_hex text The script public key in hex format.
script_pub_key_type text The script public key type.
timestamp timestamp The timestamp of the output (in ISO-8601 format).
transaction_hash text The hash of the transaction that includes the output.
transaction_position integer The position of the transaction in the block.
value numeric The value transferred.
__confirmed boolean Flag indicating whether the output has been confirmed.


transaction_hash, index
block_number, transaction_position
transaction_hash, transaction_position
__confirmed WHERE __confirmed = false

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