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Welcome to the Token API

The Token API provides endpoints for retrieving any token, token balance, transfer, and symbol in existence, including full support for native token transfers and balances (fully supports both ERC-20 and ERC-777 tokens).


The Token API supports the following groups of endpoints:

  1. Token Info Endpoints: Retrieve any token ever created using flexible queries, along with token metadata and symbols.

  2. Owner Endpoints: Retrieve all owners and owner balances for a token (ordered by balance).

  3. Transfer Endpoints: Retrieve all transfers, including mints, sends, and burns, for any token or individual account.

  4. Swap Endpoints: Retrieve all swaps for any token, account, or date range across all decentralized exchanges.

  5. Native Token Endpoints: Retrieve historical native token transfers and balances for any account or time range.

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