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The optimism.nfts table provides indexed views of all NFTs.


Name Type Description
contract_address text Contract address of the NFT's collection.
description text The NFT's description.
external_url text The NFT's website URL.
flattened_properties json The NFT's flattened properties (also referred to as attributes or traits). Better for searching.
image_url text The NFT's image URL.
last_refreshed timestamp The timestamp at which the collection was last refreshed by the Transpose backend (in ISO-8601 format).
media_url text The NFT's additional media URL.
metadata_url text The NFT's metadata URL.
minted_timestamp timestamp The NFT's mint timestamp (in ISO-8601 format).
name text The NFT's name.
properties json The NFT's properties (also referred to as attributes or traits).
supply numeric The NFT's supply (0 if NFT has been burned).
token_id numeric The token ID of the NFT.
__updated_block_number integer The block number at which the NFT's metadata was last updated.


name WHERE (name IS NOT NULL AND length(name <= 15)
name WHERE (name IS NOT NULL AND length(name <= 15)
minted_timestamp, contract_address, token_id
contract_address, minted_timestamp, token_id
last_refreshed NULLS FIRST
contract_address, token_id

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