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Our Data

This page contains comprehensive details about all available Transpose tables, for all blockchains. Get started by selecting a table from the panel on the left.

Transpose Data Layers

Transpose makes blockchain data as simple as possible, by breaking up data into four layers:

Layer Description
Settlement Layer Lowest level data layer, containing raw blockchain data. This includes data such as blocks, traces, logs, transactions, etc.
Asset Layer Data layer containing data about assets, such as token balances/owners, NFTs, transfers, and more.
Protocol Layer Data layer containing data about on-chain protocols, such as lending positions, liquidity pools, DEXes, bridges, and more. Over 99% of protocols by usage are indexed by Transpose - you won't find this depth of coverage anywhere else.
Prices Data layer containing token pricing data, including real-time prices, point in time prices, OHLC (open, high, low, close) prices, and more.

Ready to take the next step?

The Playground

Explore all of this data in the Playground - our browser-based exploration and analytics tool.

SQL Analytics API

Include powerful analytics in your application, and execute SQL queries against our data via API.

Custom Endpoints

Found the data that you're looking for, and ready to integrate it? Deploy your own Custom HTTP Endpoint using any combination of our data in minutes.

Looking for something else?

Verified Endpoints

Looking for a ready-to-use HTTP Endpoint, no SQL required? Explore over 100 Verified Endpoints hand-built and optimized by the Transpose team - lightning fast, and ready to use in minutes.

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Discord is the primary home of the Transpose developer community. Join us to ask questions, share your work, and get help.