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AI Query Assistant Overview

Writing SQL queries can be challenging, even for expert data scientists. That's why we created the AI Query Assistant, a tool that takes the hard work out of creating, optimizing, and debugging your SQL queries.

The Query Assistant is available in the Transpose Playground, and can be accessed by clicking the "AI Query Assistant" button in the top right corner of the SQL editor.

Try the Query Assistant in the Playground

Write and execute SQL queries in our browser-based development tool.

What can the AI Query Assistant Do?

Generate Queries

Learn how to generate performant, powerful queries using the Query Assistant

Optimize Queries

Learn how to automatically optimize your queries with the Query Assistant

Debug Queries

Learn how to debug your queries with the Query Assistant


Tips and Tricks

Learn some strategies to get the most out of the Query Assistant



The Query Assistant charges a small number of credits for each query that it generates. The number of credits charged depends on the length of the predicted query, but is typically less than or equal to 64 credits per request.

Known limitations

Currently the Query Assistant supports all of Ethereum mainnet. We're working on bringing support to our other supported chains as soon as possible.

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