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Historical Nft Owners

The ethereum.historical_nft_owners table is a time-series of NFT balances for a given owner_address every time it sends or receives a NFT.


Name Type Description
balance numeric The balance of the owner_address after sending/receiving at the block_number.
block_number integer The block number the owner_address sent or received the NFT at.
contract_address text Contract address of the NFT's collection.
owner_address text The owner address that sent or received the NFT in the block.
timestamp timestamp The timestamp the owner_address sent or received the NFT at (in ISO-8601 format).
token_id numeric The NFT's token ID.
__block_number integer An internal identifier for the indexer that updates this row. Use block_number instead when querying.
__confirmed boolean Flag indicating whether the balance has been confirmed by the network.
__last_modified timestamp The timestamp when this row was last updated.


owner_address, contract_address, token_id, timestamp
__indexer_id WHERE __confirmed = false
__indexer_id, __block_number
contract_address, token_id, owner_address, timestamp

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