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Dex Liquidity

The polygon.dex_liquidity table provides indexed views of all DEX liquidity for the chain. All DEX liquidity tables follows the same database schema presented below.


Name Type Description
block_number integer The block number at which the event occurred.
category text The category of the event, one of (deposit, withdraw, or swap).
contract_address text The contract address of the DEX pool.
contract_version text The version of the exchange contract interacted with (e.g. v1 or v2).
exchange_name text The name of the exchange that facilitated the event.
liquidity numeric The total pool liquidity between the tick range post transaction (only Uniswap V3 and Kyber V3).
liquidity_delta numeric The change in the liquidity in the tick range (only Uniswap V3 and Kyber V3).
log_index integer The log index at which the event occurred.
lp_address text The address of the liquidity provider (null for swap events).
pool_balance numeric The DEX Pool's balance of token_address
position_id integer Unique position NFT ID for the tick range (only Uniswap V3 and Kyber V3).
position_liquidity numeric The total position liquidity for position_id post transaction (only Uniswap V3 and Kyber V3).
quantity numeric The quantity of the token_address (negative for withdrawals, swaps out).
sender_address text The address that initiated the event.
tick_lower numeric The bottom of the tick range (only Uniswap V3 and Kyber V3).
tick_upper numeric The top of the tick range (only Uniswap V3 and Kyber V3).
timestamp timestamp without time zone The timestamp at which the event occurred.
token_address text The token address whose pool balance was affected in the liquidity event.
transaction_hash text The transaction hash at which the event occurred.
__block_number integer The last block number in the batch that the data was updated in.
__confirmed boolean Flag indicating whether the transfer has been confirmed.

Supported Protocols

acy-v1 apeswap-v2 apeswap-v3 balancer-v2
balancer-v2-forks boltr-v1 cafeswap-v1 cometh-v1
cometh-v2 curve-lending curve-metapool curve-v1
curve-v2 dfyn-v1 dfyn-v2 dodoswap-private
dodoswap-stable dodoswap-v1 dodoswap-v2 elkswap-v1
elkswap-v2 fraxswap-v1 fraxswap-v2 gravis-v1
gravity-v1 gravity-v2 honeyswap-v1 honeyswap-v2
idex-v1 jetswap-v1 jetswap-v2 kakidex-v1
kryptodex-v1 kyber-elastic kyber-v2 kyber-v3
magician-v1 magician-v2 meshswap-v1 mmfinance-v1
mmfinance-v2 oboswap-v1 pearzap-v1 polycat-v1
polycat-v2 quickswap-v1 quickswap-v2 quickswap-v3
radioshack-v1 solidly-v1-forks stableworld-v1 sushiswap-v1
sushiswap-v2 sushiswap-v3 synapse-v1 tetuswap-v1
unifi-v1 uniswap-v2-forks uniswap-v3 uniswap-v3-forks
vulcanswap-v1 wault-finance-v1


contract_address, token_address, block_number, log_index
__indexer_id, __block_number
__indexer_id WHERE __confirmed = false
transaction_hash, log_index
timestamp, log_index
token_address, timestamp, log_index
contract_address, timestamp, log_index
token_address, contract_address, timestamp, log_index
lp_address, timestamp, log_index
lp_address, token_address, timestamp, log_index
lp_address, contract_address, timestamp, log_index
exchange_name, timestamp, log_index
exchange_name, contract_version, timestamp, log_index
contract_address, position_id, timestamp, log_index
position_id, timestamp, log_index

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