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Bridge Events

The arbitrum.bridge_events table provides indexed views of all bridge transactions from or to a specified chain, and includes the other chain involved. All bridge events tables follow the same database schema presented below.


Name Type Description
block_number integer The block number at which the event occurred.
bridge_name text The name of the bridge protocol that facilitated the event.
contract_address text The contract address where tokens were deposited to.
contract_version text The version of the bridge contract interacted with (e.g. v1 or v2).
from_address text The address that sent tokens on the from_chain_id (null if not found).
from_chain_id text The name of the from chain (e.g. 'ETHEREUM', 'SOLANA', 'AVALANCHE').
from_quantity numeric The quantity of the from_token_address.
from_token_address text The token address deposited on the from_chain_id (null if not found).
log_index integer The log index at which the event occurred.
metadata jsonb Protocol-specific metadata for the event (e.g. txn ID that links txns on each chain).
timestamp timestamp without time zone The timestamp at which the event occurred.
to_address text The address that received tokens on the to_chain_id (null if not found).
to_chain_id text The name of the to chain (e.g. 'ETHEREUM', 'SOLANA', 'AVALANCHE').
to_quantity numeric The quantity of the to_token_address.
to_token_address text The token address unlocked on the to_chain_id (null if not found).
transaction_hash text The transaction hash at which the event occurred.
__block_number integer An internal identifier for the indexer that updates this row. Use block_number instead when querying.
__confirmed boolean Flag indicating whether the transfer has been confirmed.

Supported Protocols

across-v1 across-v2 allbridge-core arbitrum-v1
axelar-squid axelar-v1 celer-original-token-vault celer-pegged-token-bridge
celer-v2 circle-v1 connext-v1 debridge-v1
hop-DAI hop-ETH hop-HOP hop-USDC
hop-USDT hop-v1 layerswap-v1 multichain-v3
multichain-v4 multichain-v6 multichain-v7 orbiter-v1
swftswap-v1 synapse-v1


block_number, log_index
__indexer_id, __block_number
__indexer_id WHERE __confirmed = false
transaction_hash, log_index
timestamp, log_index
from_token_address, timestamp, log_index
to_token_address, timestamp, log_index
from_address, timestamp, log_index
to_address, timestamp, log_index
from_chain_id, timestamp, log_index
to_chain_id, timestamp, log_index
bridge_name, timestamp, log_index

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