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The nova.protocols table provides indexed views for all protocols we track in tables in the protocol_layer. This includes DEXs, NFT Markets, Bridges, and Aggregators.


Name Type Description
contract_address text Contract address associated with a protocol that we track (could be a Sushiswap dex pool, the Uniswap V3 factory address, etc.).
contract_type text The type of contract (e.g. factory, pool, registry, etc.).
contract_version text The version of the protocol (e.g. v1, v2, etc.), mirrors the version tracked in our tables.
protocol_name text The name of the protocol (e.g. uniswap, sushiswap, etc.)
tables text[] The tables that include the protocol (e.g. dex_swaps, dex_pools).
__block_number integer The last block number in the batch that the data was updated in.
__confirmed boolean Flag indicating whether the data point the rows is derived from has been confirmed.


__indexer_id, __block_number
__indexer_id WHERE __confirmed = false
protocol_name, contract_version

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